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I’ve been working on this game for a bunch of years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This game will be my Sistine Chapel.

Here’s what I can say about it:
• Fast and diversified gameplay with 5 different game modes.
• LAN co-op: If you and your buddy are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can play together!
• Online leaderboard with replays.
• You can create your own levels and share them with the world!
• Smooth high-definition 60 fps graphics.
• Retro-futuristic vector graphics.
• Unlockable ships, bullets, trails.
• Game controller support.
• The entire game fits in 2.7MB! It is one of the smallest games out there.

• Fixed DNS resolution for STUN servers.
• Display joysticks in replays
• Removed ability to post comments that are less than 3 characters.
• Non authenticated players can’t see comments on levels anymore.
• Show notification if an update is available.
• Switched from userLandscape to sensorLandscape.
• Crosshair when aiming with the mouse.
• Quickpause cancelled if keyboard/mouse/gamepad is used.
• Pressing the shift key reduces the movement speed by 50%.

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