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Step into the garb of a renowned adventurer and experience a world of puzzles and magic first hand while you attempt to thwart the plans of an evil force.

In this first person adventure game, you are in control, complete with all the story, gameplay, and interactions you have been accustomed to for generations. No tech demo or art project to be found here, just pure, classic video game style with the twist of modern technology.

So, Look thru your own eyes and dive into an immersive world filled with interactive environments and intricate puzzles that will test your wit to the core. Play in VR the way they meant to be played, with full control where you can explore a fully 3d world from a new perspective and leave reality behind in this visceral experience.

Improved Puzzles

Hood of +1 Con
-Players can now don a hood in the game menu that limits the field of view, this helps prevent motion sickness experienced while moving around the environment.

Improved controls.
– Changed “touch zones” on the controller and limited side to side strafing for smoother movement.

Changed Speed settings.
-Slower speeds at the lowest setting to further help with motion sickness.

Added interactions.
-More interactions with in-game items and the environment.

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Onyx: Quest for the Midnight Stone